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World Class Fishing at Glacier Bear Lodge in Yakutat

Alaska fishing at its best!

Anglers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world come to the Glacier Bear Lodge each year to enjoy the splendors of the Alaska back country, and to experience world class stream angling for steelhead and six species of Pacific salmon and trout on the Situk River.  Additionally halibut, ling cod and rock fish are available in the ocean.

Alaska wild Steelhead fishing

The Situk boasts the largest run of native steelhead left in the world, thousands of fish come into the Situk every spring and are aggressive biters. Hooking and releasing a dozen per day is normal!  Click here to read about fishing in The Situk for Steelheads.

Important notice from Alaska Department of Game and Fish: "No felt soles allowed for 2013 fishing season"

Anglers are reminded that footgear with absorbent felt or other fibrous material on the soles are prohibited while sport fishing in the fresh waters of Alaska. The regulation was adopted by the Alaska Board of Fisheries in 2010, to reduce the potential for introduction and spread of invasive organisms, including plants, into Alaska waters. Invasive organisms spread by contaminated waders and other gear, can threaten resident fish stocks and important fish habitat. For additional details click here.

Ocean fishing

The ocean salmon, halibut and bottom fishing is stand alone fantastic, so between those days on the Situk you can take an ocean charter boat.

What to bring - recommended fishing tackle, clothes and gear
Depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing (fly fishing, spinning, and/or casting rod), we recommend the following gear and tackle:

  • Spinning/casting fishing - at least 10 lb test line (we recommend 15lb main line and 12lb leaders)
  • Spinning or casting reels with a capacity to hold 150 yards of 15lb line and a medium action rod in the 12 to 17 line range
  • Fly fishing - 8 weight rod, 8 weight line, float or sink-tip, 0x tippet
  • Chest waders and wading boots - Hodgeman makes a good brand, as does Simms... Make sure they don't leak
  • Fishing vest and boots for walking and casual shoes
  • Neoprene waders for fall and spring. Breathable waders for summer as walking is a daily event, and to stay cool you will need breathable waders
  • Long Johns or other types of under garment are recommended as standing in the river even during the summer can get cold.
  • Good quality rain gear, gloves, hat and waterproof boots.
  • Identification and/or passport.
  • If you plan on going on a charter boat, and are prone to sea sickness, bring along your favorite remedy. Take the appropriate precautions and check with your doctor to see what they recommend.
  • Insect repellent - Mosquito repellent: The bugs generally aren't as bad as people fear, and they're really only a big consideration in June and July. If you really want to protect yourself, there's nothing as effective as 100% DEET products. Mosquito head nets tend to be overkill. Therma Cells has proven very effective.
  • Polarized glasses, waterproof bag, hook sharpener, needle-nose pliers or hemostats, leader clippers, knife, appropriate assortment of high quality swivels, weights, hooks, new line, extra spools and reel oil.
  • Small first aid kit: Our guides are first aid certified and will have you covered, but it's convenient to have Band-Aids and ointment for minor emergencies and blisters from reeling in all those fish.
  • Waterproof camera/video : Capture your Alaska experiences on film and don't forget the extras: film, batteries, lenses, chargers, and memory cards. Zipper-top bags: Freezer-size zipper-top bags are great to keep clothing folded and toiletries isolated (in case of leaks). Separate baggies make it easier to repack in case your luggage is searched, and extra bags are handy for storing dirty or damp clothing.
  • We recommend you bring your favorite flies and spinning lures for freshwater fishing, call or email for any questions you have for gear or what to expect. If you would like us to plan a day charter in the salt water for your group, we can arrange a charter for you on our charter boat. We have all the tackle, bait and gear on board to make a great day fishing while in our company. Always feel free to bring your lucky rod and favorite lures.