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Sightseeing, Kayaking and Wildlife Viewing at Glacier Bear Lodge

Alaska Wildlife Viewing

Many people and guests have asked us over the years if in fact there is such a species of bear known as a "Glacier Bear". The answer is yes! A very rare blue-gray color phase of the black bear roams the Coastal wilderness of southeastern Alaska, the Glacier Bear. If you are lucky, you may see one when you are staying with us.

Nearby the lodge is Hubbard Glacier. This glacier is the only glacier in the world that does not move at a glacial pace. Nicknamed the "Galloping Glacier", Hubbard moves faster than almost any other glacier on the continent. In fact, in 1986, Hubbard Glacier - the largest tidewater glacier on the North American continent - moved an average of just under 5.5 feet per hour. It advanced so fast in 1986 it dammed Russell Fjord. And now it threatens a repeat performance.

Yakutat is Bear country. And one of the best ways to explore this remote environment is a guided trip down the Situk River with one of our in house river guides, or an inner island cruise where sightings of sea mammals and bears are common, on your way to the Hubbard Glacier. We recommend that you bring your camera when you come, and plenty of film or means to capture scenery and wildlife images.

Sightseeing, Kayaking, Beach Walks and Surfing (no kidding!)

Yakutat bay has many islands to explore by Kayak or Jon boat and the beach is spectacular! Miles and miles of pristine beach to explore and one area of the beach has some of the best surfing waves in the world. Yakutat even has a surf shop to support the surfers that travel to our area just to experience these waves!

There are lakes and other rivers and walks to take all over the area with Harlequin Lake being one of the most spectacular lakes in the area. Harlequin lake is fed by glaciers which deposit hundreds of ice bergs in the lake and is a sight to see.

The Situk River at Yakutat is well known as a world class salmon and steelhead stream but most people overlook the beauty of the many pristine plant communities and avian residents that call this part of Alaska home. We hope more people become aware of the old growth forests, tidal wetlands, ocean beaches and banks, muskegs, and other stream environments that are literally in the back yard of the Glacier Bear Lodge.  Some access is along well-worn trails while other areas are easily accessed via gravel roads.

Other Activities on your Alaska Vacation

From Alaska wildlife viewing to surfing, there are definitely other things to do around Yakutat besides go fishing. Many people that come and stay with us enjoy seeing the Hubbard Glacier. The photo opportunities are never-ending; let us help you arrange a flight seeing tour of the glacier and mountains. The summer nights are long, providing additional opportunities for other activities to enrich your Yakutat experience. Surfers from all around the globe regularly come to this part of Alaska to experience the big North Pacific surf.