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Alaska fishing at its best!
Anglers and outdoor enthusiasts from around the world come to the Glacier Bear Lodge each
year to enjoy the splendors of the Alaska back country, and to experience world class stream
angling for steelhead and four species of pacific salmon and trout on the Situk River. Additionally
halibut, ling cod and rock fish are available in the ocean.
Alaska wild Steelhead fishing
The Situk boasts the largest run of native steelhead left in the world, thousands of fish come into the Situk every spring and are aggressive biters. Hooking and releasing a dozen per day is normal! Click here to read about fishing in The Situk for Steelheads.
Anglers are reminded that footgear with absorbent felt or other fibrous material on the soles are prohibited while sport fishing in the fresh waters of Alaska. The regulation was adopted by the Alaska Board of Fisheries in 2010, to reduce the potential for introduction and spread of invasive organisms, including plants, into Alaska waters. Invasive organisms spread by contaminated waders and other gear, can threaten resident fish stocks and important fish habitat. For additional details click here.

Recommended Freshwater Gear

The ocean salmon, halibut and bottom fishing is stand alone fantastic, so between those
days on the Situk you can take an ocean charter boat.
What to bring – recommended fishing tackle, clothes and gear
Depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing (fly fishing, spinning, and/or casting rod), we
recommend the following gear and tackle:

Recommended Freshwater Gear

The ocean salmon, halibut and bottom fishing is stand alone fantastic, so between those
days on the Situk you can take an ocean charter boat.
What to bring – recommended fishing tackle, clothes and gear
Depending on the type of fishing you plan on doing (fly fishing, spinning, and/or casting rod), we
recommend the following gear and tackle:
Spin Casting:
Poles run Medium through Medium light 7 ½ – 8 1/2 feet.
Line 8-15 lb.
Hooks and colors are the same as Fly Fishing.
Lures: Glow Bugs, Okie Drifters, Pixi, Vibrax, Mepps, Panther Martin, Blue Fox and Sneak Spinners 1/16 – 1/3 ounce (#2-#4). Swivel s size 12-8 is recommended. Flies or Red Gamkatsu with yarn are commonly used with smaller weights (1/8 – 3/8). Aeropuffs are also popular and are sold in our tackle shop.
-A bobber/jig setup is commonly use with both rod types. This entails a min. 1 oz. bobber, beaded off 24-24 inches above the jig. A 3/8 – ½ oz. in line weight/swivel is commonly used between the bobber and jig so any snags will result in only losing the jig.
-Steelhead is typically fished in faster water, against cut banks. To be able to get down to them is a must. A slow retrieve allows your tackle to just bounce along.
Spin Casting:
Poles are medium action 8-9 feet.
Line is 8-15 pound spin and bait casters w/#12-8 swivel
Hooks and colors are the same as Fly Fishing
Common Lures: Syclops, Little Cleo, Trixi, Vibrax, Single hooks, Single hooks with yarn, Dare Devils, Rooster Tails and Panther Martin are just some of the lures used, as commonly, a fly is used with spin and bait casters.
Sockeye are typically schooled up in holes and are fished in easy water, from top to mid depth, retrieved at a medium speed.
Silver Gear (Mid-August – September)
Spin Casting:
Poles: 8-9 ft medium and medium heavy
Line: 12-18 pound with a #12-8 swivel
Hooks: 3/8 to ½ ounce twitching jigs, #3-#5 spinners and pixies
Colors: Orange, Green, Yellow, Red, Purple and White
Lures: Any twitching jig, Mepps Spinners, Pixie, Vibrax, Buzz Bombs, Sneaks, Panther Martins, Cyclops, Rooster Tails and other brightly colored spinners and spoons.

Silvers are fished with the widest variety of colors and sizes of any of our salmon. They typically school up in deeper waters and are very productive mid depth and with a medium to fast retrieve.

Fly Fishing:
Poles range from #8 to #10 with #8 being the most common.
Line runs 12-18 lb. main with a 8-12 lb., floating with a sinking tip, leader. .325 grain or a descending rate from 5-6 I.P.S . Many people run a rods length of 10-12 lb. mono instead of a tippet.
Hooks run sizes 4-10 on single flies, 1/4-5/8 ounce wobblers, 2-4 on spinners. Barbless hooks recommended.
Colors are normal steelhead colors: Orange, Purple, Green, Red, Chartreuse and Blue.
Patterns for Flies: Egg Clusters in various sizes, Egg Sucking Leech, Everglow Fly, Purple Angle, Thor, Battle Creek, Boss, Dean River Lantern, Skunk or Green Butt Skunk, Little Leo, Shrimp patterns, Woolly Bugger and Zonker as well as “Made this myself pattern” flies.
Fly Fishing:
Poles run #7 or #8 Fly
Line runs 8-15 lb. main and 6-12 lb. leader
Hooks run size 8-12, 3/8-3/4 wobblers and spoons, #2-#4 spinners (Salmon size). Barbless recommended.
Colors: Green, Purple, Red, Blue and Pink.
Common Flies: Green Apple Nymph, Everglow Fly, Pink or Red Floozy, Red Hot, Green Eyes, Willie’s Sockeye, Steel Pheasant Nymph, Black Nosed Dace, Morrison Secrets, Mai-Tai and Sportsman special are just a few secret flies. Many different patterns are used every year.
Silver Gear (Mid-August – September)
Fly Fishing:
Poles: #8 and #9
Line: 10-18 pound main, 8-12 pound leader
Hooks: Size 8-12
Colors: Orange, green, yellow, red, purple and white
Common Flies: Coho Spectrum, Coho (Russian River & Simmons), Dali Llama, Black Jack, Battle Creek, Bunny Fly, Carlson Coho, Eel River Optic, Egg Sucking Zonker, Everglo Fly, Flesh Fly, Flash Fly, Flame on Coho, Firecracker, Godawful Fly, Hair Skykomish, Mad Mandrill and Lonesome are a few of the wide variety of flies
Chest waders and wading boots – Hodgeman makes a good brand, as does Simms… Make
sure they don’t leak
Fishing vest and boots for walking and casual shoes
Neoprene waders for fall and spring. Breathable waders for summer as walking is a daily event, and to stay cool you will need breathable waders
Long Johns or other types of under garment are recommended as standing in the river even during the summer can get cold.
Good quality rain gear, gloves, hat and waterproof boots.
Identification and/or passport.
If you plan on going on a charter boat, and are prone to sea sickness, bring along your favorite remedy. Take the appropriate precautions and check with your doctor to see what they recommend.
Insect repellent – Mosquito repellent: The bugs generally aren’t as bad as people fear, and they’re really only a big consideration in June and July. If you really want to protect yourself, there’s nothing as effective as 100% DEET products. Mosquito head nets tend to be overkill.
Polarized glasses, waterproof bag, hook sharpener, needle-nose pliers or hemostats, leader clippers, knife, appropriate assortment of high quality swivels, weights, hooks, new line, extra spools and reel oil.
Waterproof camera/video : Capture your Alaska experiences on film and don’t forget the extras: film, batteries, lenses, chargers, and memory cards. Zipper-top bags: Freezer-size zipper-top bags are great to keep clothing folded and toiletries isolated (in case of leaks). Separate baggies make it easier to repack in case your luggage is searched, and extra bags are handy for storing dirty or damp clothing.
We recommend you bring your favorite flies and spinning lures for freshwater fishing, call or email for any questions you have for gear or what to expect. If you would like us to plan a day charter in the salt water for your group, we can arrange a charter for you on our charter boat. We have all the tackle, bait and gear on board to make a great day fishing while in our company. Always feel free to bring your lucky rod and favorite lures.

Alaskan Fishing

The Yakutat area has
probably the best halibut
and bottom fishing in
Alaska. Halibut fishing area
is typically in shallow water
with short runs to the
fishing area and has the
highest average halibut
weight in Alaska.

Alaska fishing


The Glacier Bear Lodge
owns a 28 ft fishing charter
boat, it has twin 250hp
Yamaha outboards, a 9’6″”
beam and is maintained
and operated by Captain Ty.

Daily charters are available
during the season.



All specials are packaged for your ease of use.  The prices are based on a 3 person minimum.  They all include room(s), all meals, meal gratuities, vehicle for the group, guide days which vary per package and all applicable taxes.  Please feel free to call the lodge for any other information.